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Sitecrew for Producers

Sitecrew will provide a space where producers event and site managers can promote jobs and positions available to their target market free of charge or if they wish for a fee can engage Sitecrew to fill their nominated positions with job ready workers.

Sitecrew can manage the recruitment, screening, safety induction and place workers into positions ready to work and also manage the payroll if needed.

Sitecrew can supply an end to end tailored HR solution for producers, event and site managers saving time, money and resources when it counts in the time critical pre-event phase of the event.

Sitecrew can assist your organisation or business by providing

Short term casual workers skilled or unskilled (e.g. manual labour, fork lift drivers, bar staff etc.)

People/students wishing to volunteer and undertake work experience to further their career in the events industry (e.g. admin assistant, runners, accreditation assistants etc.)

People wishing to simply work for a ticket (e.g. ticketing, gate staff, set up crew etc.)

How it works for Producers

1  Simply register your details by filling in the template provided

2  Log in using your username and password

3  Register your position filling in the template provided

4  Applicants will apply online via Sitecrew and you will receive an email from Sitecrew

5  Log in and review the list of applicants. You can see their experience, their current licences, qualifications and download their CV.

6  Confirm your preferred shortlist of applicant/s and you will receive an email with their contact details so that you can follow up directly with the applicant.

- OR -

Contact Sitecrew for a quote on a tailored solution package to your staffing and human resources needs.

“Sitecrew provides direct access to a pool of workers, ready to work and who want to work on events.”